Road Freight

Ocean Freight

Sea Freight is one of the key fragments in multimodal transportation association. So as to offer the best help, we have a submitted sea load division having some dominance in FCL, LCL, Break-Bulk, Project Cargo and various sorts of cargoes on a general scale.

The adaptability and degree of Ocean Freight Services offered by Globalink gives our client moderate options instead of other, significantly progressively exorbitant systems for transportation. Our general coordinated efforts associations spread shipments from port-to-port, yet what’s more the total strategy to-section creation mastermind course of action. Reliably, Globalink Logistics Group has upheld solid business relationship with all basic general and local sea transporters.

Our Sea Freight Services Include:

FCL and LCL import and confirmation

Issuance and check of transportation documentation

Confirmation and import customs breathing space

Confirmed current pressing and crating

Pressing and crating of family things

Warehousing, get together and development coordinated efforts

Letter of Credit preparing

Part Road Freight and full vessel contract

Standard shipments (break-mass, dry and fluid mass)

Ocean/Air transportation

Ocean/Road and Sea/Rail Intermodal Services

Transport and Marina Insurance

Rail Freight

Globalink addresses broad master in Railway and Intermodal Transportation Services between Europe, China and the CIS zones. Our colossal experience and completely information on the CIS, Europe and Chinese railroad systems and burden divide code structures, draws in us to react supportive and expertly to a wide extent of diserse and complex rail course and multi-reason transportation necessities of our clients.

One of Globalink’s specific exercises is our full compartment load “FCL” association. Our astute idea of the “Globalink Box” connects with our clients to profit by colossal hold resources in leasing or buying gear for the transportation of their things to/from Europe, Middle East, Far East, China and the CIS. Our railroad and multi-reason associations slacken up past basically moving holders and break-mass weight from direct A toward point B,. Differing post landed associations, for example, customs opportunity, terminal managing, entrance transport and inland dissipating are conventional issues for us. Other than standard compartment (20ft and 40ft) transportation, Globalink handles transportation of break-mass, refrigerated, greater than typical and liberal cargoes by rail with relative practicality. Globalink recognizes direct business relationship and General Service Agreements with all CIS ordinary railroad affiliations. Reliably, Globalink has in like way propelled relationship with European and Chinese rail courses and would as needs be have the alternative to re-reasonable a mix of ordinary rail line wagons, railroad propose segments and fitting stages genuinely from railroad affiliations.

Our Rail Freight and Intermodal Services Include:

Ensured 20ft, 40ft FCL and Break Bulk associations to/from Europe, Far East, Middle East, China and the CIS locale

Joined rail, channel barge and truck transportation of ISO Box compartments

Square Train Service between China – Europe and Europe – Central Asia

Standard security of the compartments with Security Seals and Bar-Locks

Arranged and unarmed Security Escort association in the CIS

Standard rail transportation utilizing game plan of ensured about wagons, semi wagons and stages reasonable for holders, break mass and greater than anticipated cargoes

Railroad terminal overseeing and section transport association

Skilled pre and post payload assessing

Reliably following and orchestrating revealing

Tank compartments and Swap Bodies

Railroad Reefer Sections

CIS customs statement

CIS Proof of Delivery

Street Freight

Most vehicle chains join trucking at either the start or the end. Globalink’s combined transportation and coordinated efforts association joins Road Transportation Services that interfaces all basic European, Chinese and the CIS exchange focuses to a solitary system.

Globalink is one of the essential LTL and FTL supervisor in the CIS offering standard and booked flights to/from every single basic city in Europe, Turkey, Middle East, China, and the CIS. Moreover Globalink has a submitted division to deal with the transportation of brief and unsafe item. Having our own maritime power of multipurpose trucks and trailers, Globalink offers certifiable regarding got together with a reliable and world class quality street transportation and stream benefits inside the CIS. Our Road Transportation Team is IRU Certified and was named for being the best “Street Haulier in the CIS”.

Our Road Transportation Services Include:

Get together and synchronous organizing of weight units (JIT)

Transportation of LTL, FTL and mass weight

Customs Clearance and Customs Escort association

Momentous transportation of noteworthy weight, greater than typical and undertaking cargoes

Transportation of risky and brief stock

Surprising transportation of family unit item and things

Understanding imperative, making sure about and course

Completing and following the Global Positioning System

Neighborhood Trucking and Distribution in the CIS

Customs propped transportation

Different Value Added Services

Our fundamental targets are to impel Total Quality Management and to keep up our prosperity through solid eagerness for our association developments and progressions. We will apparently move thriving, security and regular success all through our association. Our point is to be the best client reinforce pack in our calling. We endeavor to make and keep up a five star structure to guarantee authority fulfillment, which drives client continuance inciting supported bit of leeway progression and making improved affiliation respect..

Our Aim and Objectives

Our Mission and VisionOur point is to beat the needs for our clients through full scale quality association. We will likely offer fiscally shrewd and dependable reactions for help our clients to understand their objectives.


Globalink is guided by the reason for passing on an authentic and reasonable work condition and of giving the corresponding chance to specialists to make and push subject to solitary execution and business objectives.

Each and every through it as a rule assignments Globalink bolsters human rights as set some spot around the UN Declaration and its critical International Labor Organization shows up. Enrollment frameworks evade made by under-age staff.

Indistinguishable business opportunity

Globalink is revolved around offering indistinguishable chances to all individuals without confinement as to race, sex, nationality, ethnic or national beginning, language, age (adjacent to minors), wedding status, sexual course, religion or insufficiency. The Company doesn’t endure induction in the work environment in any structure and compensates acceptably as for limits, execution, contenders and neighborhood money related conditions.

All work power are required to agree to the framework and any enter is in all probability going to instigate disciplinary activity, which could solidify excusal.

Selection and improvement

Globalink plans to name and hold the most qualified opportunities for the activity. Every single blueprint ought to be set up on specific execution and occupation based measures. It is Globalink’s strategy to request that operators make and deal with their own purposes for living. It enables this by giving fitting occupation arranging, and where genuine, which means to fill opening with existing staff where workers are reasonably qualified and experienced.


Globalink hopes to pull in, actuate and hold high bore staff by remunerating them with real pay and favored position packs which are related both to individual and business execution also as the outside work show.


Globalink’s philosophies are to converse with workers to guarantee impression of the affiliations and the effect business choices have on delegates and to get data and insights of specialists to improve the activity of the business.


Globalink’s way to deal with oversee coordinating changing is portrayed by point by point arranging, relationship of those affected as sensible and, where work difficulties are unavoidable, looking for elective chances to confine the individual effect past what many would consider possible. Specific affiliations work their own excess approaches to guarantee that they agree to all close by certified basics.


The strategy order applies to each business inside Globalink.


The Human Resources Manager is the patron of Globalink’s Human Resources Policies. HR Specialist reports to him/her on unequivocal HR issues and screens the execution of the approaches. Every Division is in danger for the movement of near to courses of action and strategies so as to guarantee that the goals of this philosophy are satisfied.


Objective and Scope

The objective of this document is to show all experts of the relationship the enormity of business morals and the affiliation’s assurance to guaranteeing same. Consistence with this report is important and uncommon cases are not allowed.

What is Ethics?

Wikipedia depicts “Business Ethics” as “Business morals is the field of morals that sees moral conversations identifying with the social responsibilities of crucial procedures, in any budgetary framework. It takes a gander at changed strategic policies and asks “Is this morally right or wrong”. As an affiliation and alliance, this is the thing that burdens us the mo

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